Returns & Shipping Policy


1. Processing:

We don't have a magic wand, but we're quick! Give us 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to process your order. Your package's journey starts after this party!

2. Purchasing:

Shopping cart hog? Beware, it's a wild ride! If an item takes off, we'll give you a shout. At checkout, we'll spill the beans on available shipping options:

  • Standard Shipping: 4-8 business days. It's like a snail on roller skates, but it's assured!

3. Shipping:

Your package embarks on an adventure! It's got a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7-10 days to reach you. If it plays hide and seek, don't worry! Our partner will make not one, not two, but three more attempts.

We're all about efficiency, so we'd love it if you opt for prepaid payments. Avoid those extra charges on delivery!

4. Exchanges & Returns:

Got a change of heart or size? No worries, but here's the deal:

  • Returns: Within 7 days of getting your goodies, if your order was PRE-PAID and not COD(we do not accept returns on COD orders, only PRE-PAID orders can be returned), and they're still with the tags, unwashed and unworn, Whatsapp us on +91 7777019901. We're only keeping Rs.100  PER PRODUCT as the return cost, this will require you to send us Rs.100 PER PRODUCT for us to do the exchange.

  • Exchanges: Swap meet time! Create an exchange request on our Whatsapp number +91 7777019901. We'll send a party bus for your items, and once they're back home and party-ready, we'll send out the new goodies. But again, this will require you to send us Rs.100 PER PRODUCT for us to do the exchange. Conditions for exchange are the same as RETURN conditions:

  1. Returns are accepted only on PRE-PAID orders and not on COD orders whereas EXCHANGES are accepted on COD orders as well.
  2. The product should be un-used, un-washed & un-worn.
  3. Charges for both Return or Exchange are Rs. 100/- per product.

Important note: In case of un-availability of any sizes that you'd want to exchange for but that size isn't available, refunds won't be possible, you will have the option to select any product and price will be affected.

Suppose you ordered medium size of a specific product, and you want to exchange it to for some reason, to a large size but large size isn't available, so, you will have the option to selection another product of any size but refunds won't be possible.

    Please remember, we're like fashion police - anything worn, wash or used won't be accepted!

    Effective as of 10/02/2024,

    Please be advised that all items purchased at a discounted price during sale events are considered final sale and are not eligible for return or exchange. This policy is in place to enable us to continue offering our merchandise at exceptional discounts. We encourage our customers to review their orders carefully before finalizing their purchases. For detailed information on product specifications, sizing guides, and any other inquiries, we invite you to contact our customer support team who are readily available to assist you.

    By making a purchase during our sale events, you acknowledge and agree to this final sale policy. We appreciate your understanding and are here to support you in making informed purchases with ALLSTAG.

    The only exception that may be valid for only exchange purposes bought during sale is if the delivered product is defected or if the wrong product has been delivered to you.

    Why Rs.100 you may ask?

    Firstly, we quality check the products at our office, then package it at with love, care and send it to you. That's one side shipping cost, and then if we'll have to get the packaged picked up from your house and shipped back to us, that's even more cost than sending the parcel from our office to you. Returns are expensive.
    And then again ship back to you, that's a three-way charge for us. 

    It costs us way more than just Rs.100 but since you all are, our loyal customers, we care for you and make your purchasing experience the best, that's why we take only Rs. 100 from you and no more.

    5. Cancellations:

    Change your mind? It happens to the best of us! Shoot us an email at or Whatsapp us on +91 7777019901. with your order ID and the name you go by. But if we've already put on our party hats and the package is ready to hit the road, there's a Rs.100 charge.

    Defective or Damaged Products:

    If you've received a product that's not up to par, within 24 hours of delivery, email at or Whatsapp us on +91 7777019901. with your order ID and the name you go by.

    Extra Notes:

    • Sale items are like Cinderella at midnight - no turning back! We don't take by sale items.
    • Returns are only accepted on PRE-PAID orders.

    Custom Notes for Gifting Purposes (We spread more love to you all back)

    You are the best, and you deserve the best. So, we also offer custom notes for gifting purposes so that the smile when they receive their gift is wider than it should be. Just Whatsapp us on +91 7777019901 and let us know what do you want written on the note. Always here for you.

    Last Words of Wisdom:

    Double-check your order details, folks. We don't have a time machine... yet.

    For any queries, hilarious stories, or existential fashion crises, hit us up at or Whatsapp us on +91 7777019901. Our squad's got your back!